Vital And Essential Facts Regarding Court Reporting That You Should Be Aware Of

26 Jun

There are quite a number of things that you have to be aware of when it comes to court reporting such as the fact that it involves the use of certain pieces of equipment and equally certain skills to use the pieces of equipment to transcribe spoken words into verbatim written record. For those of you out there who only casually observe, we are sure that you will be mystified by the twenty-two buttons that steno machines have. For sure, you will start to ask yourself how such a thing happen when the alphabet comprises of twenty-six letters. Yes, it is true that the equipment being used in court reporting is unusual but that is not it at all since the ability of court reporters to transcribe words into text at a speed that will put even the fastest typist to shame is superbly amazing. That is not it at all as we want you to know that the modern equipment being used by court reporters enable them to transcribe words to text in real-time. At present, court reporting has started to evolve and it will continue to become interesting and useful. Click to learn more.

The next thing about court reporting that you should know of is that it all started with the use of the machine. When doing court reporting, court reporters are making the most use of a machine called steno machine and through it, they will transcribe everything spoken, word-for-word, into texts. You will see how a steno machine has far fewer keys in comparison to a regular keyboard. If you are confused on how steno machines work, well, they actually do by means of allowing court reporters to write words in accordance to their syllables, not on the letters of every word. The structure of the steno machine goes like this: the buttons that are laid out with the keys on the left, they represent the beginning sound of a syllable; the keys on the middle represent the middle sound of a syllable, and; as for the keys on the right, they represent the ending sound of a syllable.

Because of how the middle sound is a syllable is for a vowel sound and the beginning and ending sounds are for consonants, this lead to them being grouped accordingly and are positioned in such a way that the left hand enters the beginning consonant while the right hand enters the ending consonant. And since syllables have the tendency of starting and ending with the letter S, you will that there are two S in the steno machine, the same with the letters T, P, and R as well.

These are all the things that you have to be aware of with regards to court reporting.  You can learn more here.

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